Cycle #6, Day 8- Things you don’t want your ultrasound tech to say…

“So this cycle is an IVF?”

The casual question came right at the start of the ultrasound. I blanched.

“Umm…no. That wasn’t the plan.”

While waiting to see the doctor I sneaked a look at my chart (of course I did- I always do!).

My ovaries liked the new drug regime.

No, I mean they REALLY liked the new drug regime.

To the tune of 12+ follicles on each side, all measuring between 9 and 12.

So I wasn’t too surprised when my doctor took one look at it, flipped back through my chart, shook his head and said, “We have to talk about converting this.”

The good news? It’ll cost less than a normal IVF (I think because the province is still picking up the bloods and ultrasounds at this stage). But we’re still talking close to $5,000. That includes freezing and storing any snow babies for a year. And  it also includes a grand on ICSI, which my doctor thinks we should do because Q. and I have never had a pregnancy, so we don’t actually know if we can fertilize. He doesn’t want us to drop close to $3,000 to learn that no eggs fertilized.

Mind you, if there is some major problem that is preventing them from fertilizing, I’m not sure we should be messing around with that. Can anyone shed light on this? Can you have healthy babies even if your eggs and sperm are usually incompatible?

It will make the next few months really, horribly tight, financially. But we can probably manage it. We go back on Saturday (Q. is going to come this time), and that’s when we need to decide what to do.

I’m not sure what questions I need to ask. We want to know how much each FET costs at the clinic. I want my thyroid tested on Saturday, because I am NOT going to drop money on IVF if it is not perfect. And I don’t care if my f/s doesn’t think it is a problem. I know it is, and my endocrinologist agrees.

I want to ask about OHSS and my risks for it, and what they will do if that happens.

I’m freaking out a little. This is just so unexpected. And moving so quickly…retrieval would be mid next week!

Q. thinks we should jump in and do it, provided it won’t cripple us financially.

I’m still freaking out.



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12 responses to “Cycle #6, Day 8- Things you don’t want your ultrasound tech to say…

  1. C G

    Wow thats a huge change in plan but I guess I am not surprised that Q wants to go for it. I dont have any inputs regarding IVF but will definitely pray for u.

  2. Ashley

    WOW!! What medicine were you on. I’m in the middle of my IVF cycle right now and my retrieval is next Tuesday. ICSI if fine…sometimes the sperm cannot fertilize the egg on its own because the egg shell thicker than normal or the sperm head doesn’t penetrate as well. It still makes for a normal baby. My friend had an IUI converted to an IVF and she is now pregnant with Twins. GOOD LUCK!!

  3. Wow! you responded well to the drugs! I’m doing IVF with ICSI at the moment. ICSI was recommended because of low sperm mobility. When the sperm don’t move very well they are not strong enough to break through into the egg on their own. I’m sure the clinic would monitor you closely for OHSS. How high is your estrogen? That will give them a good idea. I’m eating lots of protein and drinking tonnes of water as a precaution.

    Wishing you all the best whatever the decision you make!

  4. Nity

    OH MY!!!!!!! Go predict how our bodies will react, huh? NEVER. I’m praying for you. Don’t be afraid of the ICSI or the IVF. You can do it. I’m praying for you. Crossing fingers. And wishing you all the best.
    Remember – breathe. Eat pineapple (so I’ve heard) and drink lots of gatorade!!

  5. Here via the roundup and wishing you peace as you transition to yet another plan. Best of luck! 🙂

  6. Alexicographer


    2 thoughts … one, you are asking the right questions (and I think your plan on thyroid in particular is a good one). Two, ICSI can overcome a ton of MF issues. If there are MF issues, ICSI increases the odds of those being passed on to a son (or so the thinking goes, anyway). Otherwise, it’s not associated with increased risks of, well, anything. We required it due to DH having had a vasectomy and failed reversal — when that happens, they can still surgically r/t the sperm, but they come out not able to swim, so one has to be injected into the egg. It’s honestly not generally a big deal.

    (In true cases of azoospermia (not caused by vasectomy), I think a test for cystic fibrosis can be recommended b/c there is some link between being a carrier for that and not having a healthy vas deferens (?), but otherwise I really don’t think there are any major risks/concerns involved with ICSI.)

  7. I know the decision that is made will be the right one for you.

    ((((((((((huggs))))))))))) BFP here you come!!!

  8. Go for it. Seriously, $5k is SO MUCH less than a regular IVF cycle. And I’m a big fan of ICSI – Baby O is an ICSI baby. Without it, likely we wouldn’t have him.

    Good luck. I know it seems sudden, and there’s not much time to process it, but really it’s a VERY good chance you will end up with a BFP from this cycle.


  9. Springroll

    OH MY GOD!! I am excited for you – and even though you are nervous, I know that you’ll be just fine, T. When the lab ICSI’s your eggs, they will of course be selective with the sperm…they’ll use the strongest ones. Our last embie was ICSI’d – and thank God for that or we wouldn’t have had any fertilization. DH and I have always thought that ICSI was well worth the money.
    Oh, I’ll be thinking about you, T, and praying for you. Please make sure that you update as much as you can –
    Sending you a gigantic ((HUG))

  10. o.k. breathe. next, calm down about ICSI. Lots of couples conceive beautiful perfect babies with ICSI. It is the DNA that matters. Not the funky tails, or bad morphology that make ICSI a necessity for some. They’ll look at the embryo quality before transfer. They won’t transfer any that look abnormal.
    You are lucky to have so many good follies. Don’t stress about OHSS. The doctors will have a plan for you to avoid that. Just follow their advice and everything will be fine.

    **found you through LAFC in case you were wondering***

    Lots of luck.

  11. Mel

    Oh wow!!! I will cross my fingers that everything works out… maybe the IVF is EXACTLY what you need? Your body kinda did this on it’s own… maybe trying to tell you something…

  12. Alma

    IVF babies born from embryos that are frozen and thawed are less likely to be underweight or premature than those conceived during fresh treatment cycles, research has shown.

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