Cycle #5, Day 7

Back in today. Follies are trucking along. A whole bunch measuring 9 on the left, and one at 11 on the right.

The tech asked me today while she was scanning if I was having any spotting. I’m not, but I have had a darkish discharge for the last couple of days. When I mentioned this to her, she nodded and seemed satisfied. I wish I could read the screen to know what she saw. My doctor didn’t say anything, so I assume it’s not an issue.

I feel great. Skipping the f.emara has made a huge difference to my mood in this first week.

I go back in on Sunday, which is annoying, but ah well. My life is not my own when I’m cycling.



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3 responses to “Cycle #5, Day 7

  1. Sending lots of best wishes and good luck your way!

  2. Things sound good! Hope it continues and you get great results with this cycle.

  3. Nity

    How are things going??? I’m hoping you got good news on Sunday. Keep us posted.

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