Cycle #5 – Day 3: Injections R Us

First Pu.regon injection this morning. I almost forgot, and barely had enough time to get it done before heading off to yoga. I have a habit of stopping all of my drugs when I’m not cycling (except the synthroid), and I guess I just wasn’t in the meds frame of mind.

Everything looked good at the clinic yesterday. My usual doctor is off on holidays, and won’t be back until after our IUIs are done. The doctor who’s now in charge of me is nice enough. He, too, seems convinced he’ll get me pregnant. Optimism is nice.

I got to see my doc’s drawing of where the endo was (and I read the whole report while I was waiting…if they leave the chart there, I’m going to read it!). Mostly on the left wall of the uterus, with a bit on the left ovary, and some more lesions on something I can’t remember the name of (perisomething or other wall?). So nothing on non-reproductive organs, which is good.

It’s nice to be on Day 3 and not feel totally insane – not having fe.mara is a good thing.

And damn it, but I am starting to hope again. I’m such a sucker. (Q. is STILL betting on twins. The man will not give up.)



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3 responses to “Cycle #5 – Day 3: Injections R Us

  1. Mel

    HAVE HOPE. You need to. And damnit, I have hope for you, too. Seriously, it can happen… *hugs*

  2. I once got halfway to work before realizing I’d forgotten to take my Lupron — so I can relate. Hope your husband’s and doctors’ optimism rubs off on you!

  3. Nity

    Getting into the routine again sucks. I can’t tell you how often I forgot to take meds on time initially. Part of it was making sure I remembered and then part of it was making time (i.e. I had to shoot up in the bathroom at Bible Study twice).

    I love the optimism with this cycle. I’m so hopeful for you – the break, the surgery… crossing figures, toes and sending up prayers.

    You asked some questions — do I have a gut feeling boy/girl? I think I want a boy so bad that it’s going to be a girl… but I really don’t know. Everyone else who cycled right around my time is having a boy right now. — and did I eat anything different? I’m not sure. I don’t think so, but I might need to start taking things out of my diet to the bare basics and then putting stuff back in.

    Q is awesome too. xoxo


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