I think it’s safe to go back to the clinic next week. By the time I take the pro.vera for seven days, and then sit around and wait for af to show, I should be into January due dates.

Personally, I’d rather wait another couple of weeks. Things are busy here- I’ve got lots to do. I can still hold onto my hope (see, this tells me that I’m not expecting it to work) for a touch longer. Once again, with the way the next school year is going to fall out, waiting for an April/May baby would be sensible. But we learned last year planning isn’t really an option for us. Even still, I could feel myself wanting to sit back, even for another month.

But Q. was away this past weekend. And when he got home, he asked if I’d been to the clinic, as when he’d left we’d talked about my going in for Friday. I said no, and launched into my whole spiel about avoiding Christmas. Q. listened quietly.

When I was done, he said, “Ok, I guess I can wait that long.”

I thought he was talking about the only part in this whole process that is still fun- the week or so before the IUIs when we’re trying to make sure he can provide the best possible sample. So I made some crack about there being no reason why we couldn’t start now.

“Oh, I was talking about the baby,” he said. “I guess I can wait until January. I’m just so excited to meet him or her.”

And really, my heart melted. I can deny that man nothing.

So I’ll be going back into the clinic next week. Probably Tuesday.  And we’ll see if the gods have a sweet enough sense of irony to hand us a winter baby.



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3 responses to “Waiting

  1. Nity Smith

    I can echo this. When we first started trying, we were like – no November, December, May, June or July babies. After a while, it then became – we’ll take a baby WHENEVER!

    I’m hopeful that it will all work out VERY soon for you and Q.


  2. Springroll

    Oh T –
    It does seem silly, doesn’t it, to be persnickety about due dates…but I do understand where you are coming from!! It’s important to still have perspective on things and have some semblance of control on your life – we can’t allow infertility to sideline ALL of our plans and intentions! Q sounds like such an amazing husband – you two are blessed to have each other. I will keep fingers crossed that that winter baby arrives with a lusty cry!

  3. Aww… The men in our lives ask for so little it seems, and support us so well!

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