Umm…I’d like a little more time to think about this?

My surgery is scheduled for 12.30 tomorrow. We have to be there at 10.30 to register and get organized. I have to stop drinking my acceptable clear fluids by 8.30. No food after midnight tonight.

At least it’s relatively early. I don’t have to spend the whole day starving and anxious. And hopefully that means I’ll be out of recovery and home before dinner.

I’d like to say I’m calm, cool, collected. But I’m not. I’m a barrel of nerves.

Q. is really stressed about it and is trying not to show it. But he nearly bit my head off when I said the other day, “If something goes really wrong, I don’t want to be a vegetable.”

Not that it’s going to go that wrong. But I thought I should put my wishes out there. Because, you know, we don’t have wills. Or anything like that. And it’s been on our to-do list for years, but we never seem to get around to it.

But it’ll be fine. Here’s hoping for some light endometriosis that can be easily excised.

Damn. Really wish I wasn’t lining up for this tomorrow.

Deep breaths.



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8 responses to “Umm…I’d like a little more time to think about this?

  1. Mel

    You WILL be fine. It is utterly scary, I have been there, but it will be good and put you on the road closer to being PREGNANT. And then you can deal with all the scary things that come along with that. 😉
    I will be thinking of and praying for you. Cannot wait to hear how it goes.

  2. I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow sweetie. I hope everything goes as well as it possibly can.

  3. Ashley

    Good LUck!!

  4. Alex

    I haven’t been posting much but have been thinking of you. Just wanted to say I hope all goes smoothly and well, that you’ll be able to rest and that you’ll recover quickly.

  5. RM

    Thinking of you today. Hope all is going (or has already gone) well and you’re resting comfortably. xox.

  6. Best of luck, I’ve had a few of those so if you have questions or need to whine email me.

  7. Hi there. I really really sympathize with your anxiety as I just had surgery three weeks ago today and was a bundle of nerves leading up to it. I hope all went well and will check in to see. I wrote about my surgery on my blog if you are interested. Of course I wish I had found your blog sooner and might have been able to encourage you before the procedure. Take care of yourself and allow others to pamper you for a while.

  8. T, I have been thinking of you all day. I am sure everything went just fine — I hope it was far easier than you thought and you are now resting comfortably. Take good care of yourself and get waited on! Looking forward to your update.

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