I thought the consult went well today. I was much better prepared than I would have otherwise been, thanks to your sage advice and experience (thank you!).

My f/s does indeed think I would be nuts to try and give a paper the next day. When I voiced our original plans to go away for the weekend (not far, to see family), he let out a long sigh. “I think you’re being ambitious and pushing a bit,” he said. “You’re not going to be good company. I’d make alternative plans, and relax and take it easy.”

Kind of like what I had to do after I had my wisdom teeth out. For some reason the whole ‘day procedure’ thing made it easier for me to not think about it as surgery, or anything serious.

So we’ll reschedule. One more set of plans that infertility has interfered with.

After the consult I wandered off to a lab to have blood drawn (and here I was thinking I’d get off lightly this time round since I’m not cycling at the clinic). Barring a sudden cold or flu, I’m heading under the knife a week Thursday.

I did get warned about the shoulder pain, but thank you for the heads up. And Q. pointed out to me last night that he’d already realized that taking me home on public transit was not going to be an appropriate decision.

My f/s seems certain that he’s going to find something. And flat out said that if he doesn’t, he wants to have a consult with us to discuss IVF.

It’s all a bit overwhelming at the moment, to be honest. I miss my pumpkin baby potential.


On another, related, note, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who offered advice and experience in my last post. Not all of you left blog links where I can return to express my gratitude, but I so very much appreciated it. I think I would have been far more freaked out today if y’all hadn’t made me realize yesterday that this was a serious surgery and I shouldn’t be expecting to bounce back to normal as soon as I regain consciousness.



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2 responses to “Countdown

  1. Mel

    Glad that he answered your questions and you feel confident about your next step ahead. I know it’s like darn near impossible but just try to see the surgery (and subsequent recovery) as a stepping stone on your way to baby. 😉

  2. laura

    Mostly I am just anxious because I myself did not really take my most recent lap seriously and then it seriously knocked me for a loop when it was a bigger deal than I anticipated. But I’m not the norm – stage IV endo and all that – so don’t take that part to heart. I did forget about the sore throat – for some reason mine persisted literally for days this time and I tend to think maybe I picked up a small cold while I was at the hospital. For me the sore throat was the worst part this time, although the gas pain would have killed me if I didn’t send my husband out for the Gas-X (which I had never taken before).

    I think comparing the procedure to something like the wisdom teeth is a good idea. It isn’t exactly *major* but you may feel crummy for a couple of days so you should prepare for that. I tried to use it as a good excuse to lie on the couch and watch bad movies.

    Ok, I’m going to go back and read from the beginning now… good luck with your procedure!

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