Questions wanted!

So my consultation appointment before my lap is tomorrow. Should I be remembering to ask anything specific? Can anyone who’s been through this before let me know about recovery time? Will I be fine to give a paper at a conference (in my area) the next day?

Consult is tomorrow. Lap is set for the 19th. Today I have to give a presentation and go to the dentist. Wonderful.

Now if I could just stop having dreams where I wake up from surgery to find my f/s telling me he had to take the whole uterus because it was riddled with cancer.

Ummm….I think I’ve got a bit of anxiety going on. Either that, or this is one REALLY BAD progesterone withdrawal.

Thing is, I’ve only ever been knocked out once before- to have my wisdom teeth out. And by all accounts I went a little nutty afterwards. I was hallucinating for the first few hours after I woke up, and was just plain out of it for most of the rest of the day.

I know this probably shouldn’t be a big deal. But right now, it seems like it is a BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL.

Mind you, I thought needles were a big freakin’ deal too, once upon a time.

Yep, that bar that marks ‘normal’? Just keeps sliding further along.

Here’s where my head is at right now. If the lap finds something, and my f/s cleans it out, we stick with the IUIs and give them another two cycles.

If my uterus is squeaky clean and ready to be nested in…then I’m not so sure. I think we’d want to have a long chat with my f/s about costs and odds and where we go from here.

But I think in my gut it’ll be IVF. And I’ll investigate acupuncture while we wait (and save). And the money that we’ll finally have coming in, the money that I had such fun earmarking last week for RRSPs and mortgage overpayments, and a cottage holiday in the summer, will have to be reassigned. And I’ll no longer be able to hide my head in the sand and claim that I’m not yet playing with the ‘big guns’ of infertility. And my sister will be less supportive of our choices because she is a geneticist and IVF makes her freak out.

And all of that makes me sad.

So I hope for abnormalities from the lap. And no hallucinations in recovery.


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7 responses to “Questions wanted!

  1. No clue on questions, but wishing you lots of luck!!!

    Glad to hear my hubby isn’t the only one who’d just pat me on the back after ms! Glad Q is included too. :o)


  2. Mel

    My surgery was a hysteroscopy, so I don’t have any good lap questions for you. But I WILL say that I have been put under twice in my life for surgery and it was never as bad as I was fearing it to be. The moments before were always anxiety riddled and I would shake and cry but I always woke up afterwards and said to myself “I got THAT worked up for this?!” You will do GREAT. The worst part is usually the sore throat from the entubation, but it’s a lovely excuse to eat endless popsicles and milk your husband for lots of special care and attention. 😉

  3. Laurie

    I had never been knocked out before IF and have now had two laps. I found that the anesthesia made a big difference for me. The first time around I was nauseous waking up and then the anti-emetics made me really sleepy and it was hard to wake up out of the whole thing. The second time with different anesthesia I woke up much more clearly and it was much nicer (comparatively). I’m sorry I don’t know what they actually used the second time, but I would ask about this.

    Another thing to ask about is possible shoulder pain during recovery. The gas used for the camera during the surgery can cause shoulder pain a day or two afterwards as it dissipates. It was fairly painful for me and I was very glad the nurse had warned me to expect it.

  4. laura

    I just wandered over here from the blogroll. I had a lap (my third) about 3 weeks ago. I’m sorry to say, but I don’t think you’ll be able to give a paper the day after – definitely not if they find anything and have to do any excising or removing, but I think it would be challenging either way.

    The shoulder pain is a good heads up – mine was very severe the day after surgery this time but I took Gas-X (that’s what my doc recommended) and it cleared it up in a couple of hours.

    If you tell them about your concerns with the anesthesia, they can work with you on it. This is the first time I haven’t woken up nauseous b/c they adjusted the meds and it was a huge relief.

  5. elizabeth

    I had an uncomplicated lap that found absolutely nothing wrong (so, no extra pain from removal of anything) but I definitely would not have been able to give a paper the next day. I had lots of anxiety beforehand, but no problems with the anesthesia. Waking up slowly in recovery, packed in with hot towels, was the most relaxing experience I think I have ever had in my life. I didn’t have any pain associated with the small incisions, either. But the gas pain that kicked in later was a killer for me. I wish I had known about the Gas-X!

  6. Liz

    You should ask them about whether they want to restrict your activity after the surgery – I was told not to lift anything more than 20lbs or so for about a week.

    My lap was uneventful, but I would agree with PPs that you should not plan to give a paper the next day! You will probably not have much pain the day after surgery, but you will be really tired. I was surprised how little pain I had. The belly button incision was the worst of the three initially, but actually healed up fastest. The sore throat lasts for a few hours after you wake up, and the gas pain in your shoulders hurts the most – not as in agonizing pain, but significantly uncomfortable. I took the pain meds they gave me on the same day as the lap, but by the next day I was able to get by easily on just a Motrin.

    The absolute worst thing? The day of “liquids and laxatives” before the day of surgery! That sucked!

    Good luck!

  7. Well, I have never had a lap so I’m afraid I can’t offer much in the way of advice, but I would definitely talk to your anesthesiologist about your options so they can ensure you are hallucination-free as you wake up! And don’t hesitate to ask for pain meds if you need them (just tell them your pain is a “10”). This seems odd to say but I hope they do find something in there so you can try (and hopefully be successful with) another IUI cycle.

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