Let’s get this party started… (Day 2, IUI Cycle #4)

Into the clinic this morning. Sped through fairly quickly, all things considered, although I didn’t get called for my u/s right away as they couldn’t find my chart (it turned up eventually- on my fs’ office floor. sigh.).

We’re sticking with the exact same protocol as the previous cycle since I responded so nicely (even though I didn’t get pregnant- I had a proper cycle- 27 days!). So that’s fe.mara for days 3-7, and the pu.regon at 75 starting on day 5. I’ll go back in on day 8.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my interview on Friday, as I had to sign consent forms agreeing to be audio taped, and to have my comments used in the final report (attributed anonymously of course). What I keep coming back to, I think, is the inequity of the current level of coverage.

My province will cover IVF if you have two blocked tubes. That’s it. Not for MFI, or for any other reason. So if we hit the end of the road with our IUIs, and I’m still resolutely not pregnant, then my province won’t help us out. And that bothers me a lot. I don’t feel that my PCOS and hypothyroidism is less of a diagnosis of infertility than having two blocked tubes. This last year has proven quite conclusively that I won’t even ovulate without significant amounts of mood-altering medications. And thus far we’re 0 for 3 with our IUI efforts- despite multiple eggies and loads of good swimmers. So I have to say I’ve been feeling pretty infertile lately.

In for a penny, in for a pound, says I. I can’t see how the province can rationalize supporting one group of infertiles and not any others. We’re all struggling with this. IVF is a HUGE step to take, for anyone, no matter what your diagnosis is. So that’s one thing I really want to stress in my interview.

I just hope they don’t think I’m greedy, claiming that covering IVF would make a significant change in our life. Yes, Q. has a good job, and yes we’re currently not carrying any infertility debt, thanks largely to his wonderful drug plan. But like I said in my last post, if we need to move to IVF, our chances at conception will start to get severely curtailed. ‘Normal’ people can keep trying every cycle. It seems crazy to think that we might have to make the decision where we count exactly how many more times we can try to get pregnant.

Even though I’m one of the lucky ones this whole thing isn’t easy. And I think I’ll try and stress that I saw the survey and filled it out because it was advertised at my clinic. And I was at my clinic because we have a drug plan that allows us to go beyond Clo.mid, and I have a fantastic gp who took one look at my history and referred me. I’m at my clinic because I live in a major city, and it’s nearby. I’m at my clinic because I’m a student, and my hours can be made flexible enough to let me get there for the daily monitoring.

For every one of me, there must be loads of other women relying on the care of an ob/gyn, sent home with a prescription for Clo.mid and a reminder to “come back if you’re not pregnant in a couple months”. Women who don’t have access to a fertility clinic, due to distance, or career pressures, or unsympathetic doctors, or lack of education about what is happening with their bodies, or because they know they can’t afford treatments, so why bother.

It’s those women I want to help. It’s for those women I want to change my province’s attitude towards infertility.

If they end up covering IVF? I won’t be able to get the grin off my face for weeks.


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One response to “Let’s get this party started… (Day 2, IUI Cycle #4)

  1. RM

    I think what you’re doing is great! Good for you to take the time to educate these people on how it really feels to be IF, and make them reconsider who is “worthy” of help. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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