Take a number?

Yesterday provided a perfect example of the dangers of big clinics. I got home, did some work, popped my first pill in the afternoon and then thought, “That looks weird”. Looked at the pill packaging and my receipt, and sure enough- the secretary gave me fe.mara, not pro.vera. Damn.

So went back to the clinic this morning (a 90 minute round trip that I really did not need) and proceeded to have an argument with the secretaries when they looked at my chart and decided that my instructions were to take the pro.vera AND the fe.mara. At the same time.

At this point I got somewhat agitated, and one of them took the chart off to a nurse. Who confirmed what I already knew- that I need to be taking pro.vera right now, and the fe.mara is only for once my new cycle gets going.

It’s frustrating, because in every other respect they’re a good clinic. The people are nice. They’re pro-active with treatments. It’s conveniently located. They don’t rush me into things.

But yesterday really just drove home to me that I have to be responsible for my own care. I can’t leave it up to them.

So I’m glad I’ve read as much as I have. At least I knew that was the wrong drug.


I also discovered I have a surgery date. February 19th (unless, of course, I get pregnant on this cycle). Eep!



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3 responses to “Take a number?

  1. Mel

    Argh! Frustrating! I had to monitor myself very closely with my “large clinic” as well, you honestly do feel like a number some days.

    As scary as the surgery is, have peace. Either way right now, you have progression in your immediate future. You’ll either be pregnant or you’ll be moving on to the place to help you get their sooner. I know I wouldn’t be pregnant today without my surgery.


  2. Honestly, if you’re not your own advocate then no one will be. I’m so glad you stayed on top of it. I used to think that it was a bad omen if they screwed up (that it was “telling” about the kind of care they provide), but I’ve learned by now that it happens everywhere…you need to stay on top of things no matter what.

    I am sure it’s nerve-wracking to have a surgery date but just take it one day at a time. Either way you’re moving toward your goal, as the previous comment said.

  3. I feel like sometimes things don’t matter just as much as they seem. I remember asking about some meds – and the doc explained them as “well they haven’t been shown to work or not work, so we recommend you take them”. Gee, fill me up with more drugs, huh? Can’t complain too much. Sorry they messed up yours.

    But I hear you BIG time on the number. I go to a huge clinic and sometimes you wait for-eva.

    I’m praying for a BFP. But regardless – you got a plan, right? That’s what I like. If not this, then that.


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