Gone to soak up the sun…

And thus it is raining. Of course.

But it is summer here, and we are on holidays, and there will be a beach in our not-so-distant future. And I didn’t bring any of my meds (except my thyroid meds) because we aren’t really ttcing when we’re not at the fs, what with my total lack of ovulation and what not. So it feels like a real holiday.

Internet access is scattered. So I am not doing so well with reading, and even less well with commenting. I’ll be back in the new year, ready to face all the challenges that 2009 can throw at me.

And surely, surely I will finish that year as I meant to finish this one. A mother at last, or pregnant at least.

In the meantime, there’s some red wine that needs drinking…



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3 responses to “Gone to soak up the sun…

  1. Springroll

    Enjoy the sunshine – it will soothe your soul and make you feel alive again! Take this much needed break just to hold your wonderful husband and remember what it’s like to be a woman again – no pills, no needles, no thermometers. I wish you a wonderful holiday and can’t wait to read the update in the new year!
    Lots of warm hugs,

  2. I am so confident that you will come back from vacation in a fighting mood — and that 2009 will indeed be your year. In the meantime, do enjoy that sun and red wine — you deserve it!

  3. Happy holidays!!! I wish I could have sun and wine with you. I miss the sun. It’s cold and rainy here.

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