Nothing left to do but wait… (Cycle #3, Day 14)

Second IUI went smoothly. Q’s numbers were a little down from last cycle, but we still finished with over 70 million swimmers. All three eggies popped at some point yesterday according to the ultrasound, so Q’s already back to talking to the ‘twins’.

So now, we wait. And I don’t have all the distractions from the last cycle.

On the bright side, I can totally see myself suiting up for more cycles if this one doesn’t work- ovulating at a normal time has made such a difference. I only spent eight mornings at the clinic, including the two IUIs!



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6 responses to “Nothing left to do but wait… (Cycle #3, Day 14)

  1. So glad this cycle was easier on you and you ended up with great numbers! Wishing you a speedy 2ww with a good result on the other end!

  2. emilythehopeless

    good luck!

  3. babysmiling

    Good luck!! Hang in there. Hope the wait goes quickly.

  4. **HUGS**
    I hope the 2ww goes by really fast.

  5. C G

    Good luck and hoping that the wait goes by soon.

  6. Springroll

    Wishing you a FAST tww and the very best results…c’mon BFP!!!

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