Feast or famine…

That’s how it is with my ovaries. Went to the clinic today and was told that I’m responding “very well”. So we confirmed that Q. and I are willing to cope with selective reduction if it comes to that. And I was sent off for another two days of Pure.gon.

The last couple of days I’ve had really bad anxiety, and extreme mood swings. I don’t remember feeling like this last cycle, but my f/s reckons I just need to ride it out. He thinks when my hormones settle down, so will I. In the meantime Q. has to deal with me crying at the drop of a hat and hitting near peaks of hysteria when I can get photos to upload. I’m under some stress at school, so that’s probably exacerbating things, but I was fine until the Puregon/Femara combination started. Hopefully it’s temporary.

I’m feeling hopeful about this cycle- even looked up my due date if I get a day 14 ovulation (which would be the first time ever, I reckon).

So if it’s all for naught I’ll be kicked around. But for now I’m hoping. An August baby would be nice.

On another note- thank you so much to everyone who responded! It was so greatly appreciated. I will pass your thoughts and comments along to my friend.



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2 responses to “Feast or famine…

  1. I feel like small things are extreme decisions. Hope your not on the meds long. I’m so glad to hear things are progressing though. That’s great!

  2. Coach Louise

    Good luck Turia! Focus on nurturing yourself, by taking time out to do some pampering things to calm and de-stress. Like: walking in nature, reading, meditation – whatever appeals to you.


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