Cycle #3 Day 4- new protocol

I ended up going back to the clinic on day 3 rather than 2…and I had the fastest ever visit. 20 minutes from the time I arrived until I’d been seen by my doctor (with bloods and u/s done before that). I still had to wait about 10 minutes to then see a nurse and get my drugs, but I’m not complaining. It was fantastic.

My f/s wasn’t too happy with last cycle’s failure. So I told him that my endocrinologist had been adamant that if the TSH was wrong that would be a factor. Then my f/s “remembered” that he had told me to go see an endocrinologist. So I pointed out (politely) that it had been my gp who had referred me, and that he (my f/s) had said my high TSH wasn’t a problem when we went ahead last cycle. But we agreed that since my endocrinologist hasn’t called, my TSH *should* be fine (although I’m debating calling him just to confirm) and that should no longer be a factor.

What I like about my f/s, and the clinic in general is that they don’t wait around for failed cycle after failed cycle- they are always looking to improve things. So we talked through our options, and he reminded me that any cycle with injectables is going to bring with it this risk of multiples due to my PCOS ovaries. Ultimately I said I didn’t want to go back to Clomid and that we weren’t financially or emotionally ready to move to IVF. So he said he wanted to try a slightly different drug protocol- five days of Femara (2mg a day, days 3-7), and the Puregon, starting on day 5 at 75. I’ve got no idea why he thought this was a great idea- can anyone help me out? What is Femara meant to do? I know his main goal is to get a faster cycle, as I still ovulated well past day 14 last time.

He’s also put me on the list to do a laparoscopy sometime in the new year IF I’m still not pregnant, to rule out endometriosis. My original f/s did do some blood tests to look for markers for this (which were negative) but still, I like that fact that he’s being proactive. I have no intention of moving to IVF without having done everything possible to determine that there is no other problem.

So that’s where I’m at. I don’t have to go back in until Tuesday. Hopefully we’ll see some serious follicle action.

Thanks for all your comments. It’s nice to chat to you all again. I’ll try to do some reading and catch up on blogs this weekend.

Happy Hallowe’en!



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4 responses to “Cycle #3 Day 4- new protocol

  1. Coach Louise

    Hi Turia,

    Good luck with this cycle. I believe Femara (I am no expert) might be a gentler form of Clomid, a newer drug – I believe Shaz has just experienced it, so you could ask her. Clomid can really push the crazy stakes, so Femara might be gentler in that respect.

    Its interesting because when I moved onto IVF, I found the drugs to be less crazy-inducing than when I was doing the IUI’s, and the thing with IVF is that there is a much higher chance of success without the risk of multiples. I really do understand what you mean when you say you are not emotionally ready to move on to IVF. My RE started telling me about donor egg while I was doing IUI, and I was most put out at the time – just not ready for that step. (now its something 2yrs down the road that I am considering) If you can, take it slow, so that you can emotionally keep up with the onslaught of drugs on your body and different results you might be getting. We can only handle so much. A laparoscopy sounds like a good idea.

  2. C G

    Hi, I took Femara for my last cycle and compared to clomid the side effects lasted for a much less time. Also I did respond better to it than clomid. Femara was originally designed for treatment of breast cancer but a lot of breat cancer survivors had an increase in fertility and thats how they figured that it does work on the pitutary and helps it to produce more FSH just like clomid does. The injectables on the other hand work directly on the ovaries. Do mail me if you have more questions. I have seen a lot of people being treated with either clomid and injectables or Femara and injectables in the same cycle. Here’s wishing you loads of luck.

  3. I never took Femara so I can’t help there but I am glad that your doctor is being so proactive in trying new strategies. Hope this is your month — go follicles!

  4. It’s funny, I think there is less risk of multiples on IVF than with injectibles… you at least have more control over the # of embryos you put back instead of just having eggs release to sperm. BUT – I hear you on wanting to do everything possible before moving to IVF. It was a tough call, but a better one for us to skip the injectibles. I found them less painful than I initially thought.

    I think Elaine did Femera — she’s on my blogroll – you could ask her about it.


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