I’m back!

Well, we finally got the internet back up and running at home- and yes, sad but true, I think I’m addicted. I get twitchy when I go too long without checking email and the myriad other things I like to do. So it only took two weeks and five (increasingly agitated) phone calls to our supplier. Ah giant corporations. How I despise thee.

AF was really weird. I was up for about three hours in the wee hours of Saturday morning with killer cramps- to the point I was doubled over- but do you think I could figure out where in the house were the pain killers?

So then I was expecting a pretty heavy flow, seeing as I finally had a normal uterine lining. And Saturday was pretty bad. Reminded me of the days on the pill, when I used to spend a day in bed every cycle clutching my heated oat bag and eating chocolate (sometimes I am such a stereotype).

But then it trailed off. I spotted for a couple of days longer than usual, but that was it. Don’t know where that uterine lining went… And I’ve got NO IDEA what was going on with my body when I was on the pill. Definitely won’t be doing that again.

We are loving the house. We need to redo the upstairs floors as they’re really old and REALLY squeaky- the cats were waking us up the first few nights just wandering around- going to the loo sounds like an army coming down the hall. And there are a few other things on our wish list. But it exceeds our expectations, which is just awesome. I’m getting used to the longer walk to transit. Q. and I are dividing up dinner duties and cleaning seeing as we get home later on different days. I can see us settling in here for the long haul. I’ve moved five times in the last four years (twice across oceans). It’s time to put down some roots.

I’ve got through my first full week as a PhD student. Got to say I’ve been blown away by how excited I’ve become about my courses and the hundreds of pages of reading I’ll be doing every week (no joke- I read about 200 pages today for one course and that wasn’t the whole amount set for the week- I’ve got three classes plus the one I teach).

I think Q. is thrilled to see me so happy. I had a really rough time at the end of my Master’s- hence why it’s taken me a few years to go back. He’s been my biggest champion. (I added a PhD category for my posts. I’m really doing this. Better try not to freak out!)

And the freedom from drugs, dildo-cams, needle jabs, blood draws? I’m loving that too.

I hope everyone is well. I am hopelessly behind but will try to start reading again over the weekend.



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7 responses to “I’m back!

  1. Bummer about AF appearing but I hope with the start of term and the break from when things calm down you’ll be able to start nesting and moving forward.

  2. Sorry about the killer cramps, but welcome back!!

  3. Missy Ph.D.

    I don’t know what AF means, but nevertheless, congratulations on the courage for going back to school 😀

  4. Mel

    Congrats on the house and the PHD program!! I know you can do it!!!! =)
    Glad you are back, we missed you!

  5. Glad to hear you’re up and running. Bummer about AF. Mine was all weird this month (but she’s not really what I’d call “normal”). Yeah for the new house!!!

  6. Oh – how’s the training going?

  7. We decided after our third IUI failed — and the recommendation of the RE was to skip straight to IVF. Need to update my timeline…

    I would definitely say finishing is a great goal!! I initially wanted to run 10 min/mi the whole time, but after my training partner dropped out & because it was a morning run (and I’m NOT a morning runner), I just wanted to finish. And I did!! It is a great feeling. What’s your actual date for the 1/2?

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