Cycle #2- 9dpo- does anyone know…

how long the HCG shot stays in your system? I know I could have been poas from the day after the shot to watch the false positive disappear, but that was way more stress than I needed this week.

I ask because my poor bbs are still sore and changing in colour (darker)- which I know is an early pregnancy sign, and I didn’t have ANY symptoms with my bbs last month, but it’s probably still the HCG kicking around. Oh horrid medications, how I hate your side effects.

This has been a weird week. I’ve been up at uni a lot, getting organized. Then I come home and Q. and I pack like maniacs (we are pretty much done except for stuff we are still using). Then at some point in the evening (usually about 30 minutes after taking the evening progesterone) I freak out and crash and have to lie down and think calming thoughts.

I’m worried that my body can tell I’m stressed and it will reject any fertilized eggs that wanted to implant. Because as much as I try, moving house is stressful and starting a new degree, especially a five year one with a 100,000 word dissertation at the end of it, is stressful, and I can’t change that.

So I try and take deep breaths, stay relaxed, go for walks, and hope. At the same time I can feel myself cushioning my emotions for the blow I expect to receive on Tuesday. We’re not home testing, so we’ll have to wait for the call. My sister is having a party that night to celebrate her arrival in the city last year, so if it’s a negative at least I can partake in the beer.

I have non-blogging internet friends who have become very dear to me in the course of this process. Two of them were in the tww (a week ahead of me because of my slouchy ovaries). Two IUIs with multiple eggies. Both just got bfns. There are eleven of us who post together, and have since January. In that time, four of us have gotten pregnant. One chemical pregnancy, one missed miscarriage (her fourth at the exact same point- she has pretty much given up on carrying her own babies and is now investigating surrogacy and adoption), one miscarriage at ten weeks, and one sticky pregnancy (we hope- currently at about nine weeks) after a chemical pregnancy. The rest of us? Nothing.

Lately the mood on our site has been a little down as the reality sinks in that we’ve been together for almost the length of time to grow a baby, and yet only one of us is pregnant. (All of us were ttcing long before January). I know that these ladies will be friends for years to come, and that we will see each other through our eventual pregnancies.

But sometimes I can’t help thinking that said pregnancies are taking an awfully long time to appear.



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7 responses to “Cycle #2- 9dpo- does anyone know…

  1. RM

    It is good that you are taking care of yourself by doing deep breathing and getting to bed early. You’re doing the best you possibly can. It *is* enough.

    I feel like the tww has a definite arch to it, and hopes always seem to dip in the last days before testing. This is normal. Focus on the fact that your boobies are dark 🙂

    I am sending the best thoughts I can to you– I hope you get great news!!

  2. I’m really glad I found your blog. I have no answers but I think I’m going to have to have IUI soon so it is really useful to read what you are going through. Good luck.

  3. C G

    I am sorry, but cannot offer much help on this. I just wish that the days fly by soon for u and u hear positive news on Tuesday. I also agree about how all of us r struggling together in this battle. But I am so glad that I have my blog friends to pour my heart out and get support. Also it is very encouraging to see one of us get pregnant as that gives us immense hope. Good luck with the house shift.

  4. Hi there! I followed Womb for improvement here. gotta say I am just as glad as she is. Cant wait to sit down and read more. Sadly, I have to get ready for work now. SO it’ll have to wait!


  5. I believe you can get a false positive right up until the blood test, which is why they keep testing you once you get that positive to make sure your level is increasing. Hang in there…. I am holding out hope that you will be the next in your group to get that BFP!

  6. No idea about the HSG shot, but I do remember Courtney saying she had all sorts of symptoms with them. I’m hoping, crossing fingers that this is not a hoax and that you will be the next one in the group for a pregnancy. **HUGS**

  7. Oh – and thanks for the bike ride tip. Bottom a little sore, but nothing completely stressful or unusual. We didn’t do 45 km though!

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