Day 18 Cycle #2- nothing ventured, nothing gained

Thanks for all of your advice. I really appreciate it. Q. and I had a long talk yesterday. I explained all of the options. Q. thought about it for a while.

“Even if we cancel this cycle, we’re going to have the same problem again next month, aren’t we?” he asked. “You were already on the lowest dose of the injectables.”

“Yep. My ovaries are just going to keep doing this.”

“Then let’s go for it. The odds are great that we’ll get one baby, and I think twins would be awesome.” (Q. has shown this interest in twins numerous times.)

So back to the clinic this morning. Another lengthy u/s with the technician pausing to look at my chart several times (this now makes me nervous).

The verdict? Two follies measuring 20.5, two more at 18, one at 17 and one at 16. I am hoping that the two that are out in front will be dominant and thus might be the only ones that pop. I had the HCG shot (wish I’d known before about only doing half, Good Egg Hunting, but I didn’t get your comment until just now) and paid for the IUIs.

Yep, we’re doing two after all. Everything looks so good- my uterine lining, my hormones, etc, that my fs really wants us to have every possible chance.

We had a bit of a chat. We can do an u/s to figure out how many babies are in there four weeks after the IUIs, but they won’t reduce until four weeks after that. I think that would be the worst part- having to walk around for a month knowing that you are growing babies that you are going to terminate. I asked him how he decided which one(s) had to go. He said they first look at health, size, shape, hb, etc. to see if there is an obvious problem. If they all look great, they go for the one(s) that is/are easiest to reach and less likely to risk the others. Talk about bad luck if you set up shop near the cervix.

But, as he reiterated again today, we have great odds that we will not have to face this decision. And, as Q. and I discussed, this is the hand we’ve been dealt. We can’t stop my ovaries from doing this. We are going to be facing this possibility every cycle.

So we’re jumping in with both feet, holding on to each other for dear life and hoping like mad that this cycle will result in the glorious sight of one heartbeat, pumping away in my uterus.

Keep your fingers crossed for us.



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3 responses to “Day 18 Cycle #2- nothing ventured, nothing gained

  1. C G

    I am so excited for you and will keep hoping that one or maybe even two stick and not more than that.

  2. RM

    Holy f*cking sh*t, please pardon my french!! You are SO brave, and I’m thrilled that you and Q are on the same page and going for it!! Yeeaaaaahhhh!

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