Day 3 Cycle #2

Back to the clinic this morning. My first official visit with the head honcho as my new fs, as my old fs has had to leave for family reasons. Ultrasound and bloods were no problem (still have the classic PCOS ovaries- not sure if I thought that maybe they’d decide to be normal after last cycle, or what.)

The fs started talking about big doses of Clomid right from the start. I pointed out that my previous fs had thought we should move on to injectables. He commented that he was worried about the cost (as I had expressed my reluctance to do 2 iuis). When I said that drugs were covered by Q.’s medical plan his eyes lit up and he got really excited. “Ok,” he said. “Let’s do this.”

So I’m on 50iu of Puregon for the next few days. Go back in to the clinic on Friday to see where we’re at.

The nurse taught me how to do the injections (after I handed over $700 for the meds- thank all the gods Q.’s plan covers this). I’m pretty impressed with the delivery system- a pen-style that has a dial you turn to the correct dose. I still got a little shaky after I jabbed myself in the stomach, but I can do this.

I’m going away tomorrow for a couple of days to see a friend I haven’t seen in four years. I think I’m going to have to stick myself in the airport. Great.

Went for a long run yesterday- heart rate was 15 points higher than it should have been, but my lungs were fine- I could carry on a conversation at a heart rate where I would usually be close to gasping. So I don’t know if my lungs lost less fitness than my heart did, or if having my period has meant my heart is struggling more, or what’s going on. The end result was my  heart had to work really hard even when I was running jogging practically walking. So that depressed me no end. I can’t believe how much fitness seems to have dropped off in two weeks. Hopefully it was a temporary blip.



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2 responses to “Day 3 Cycle #2

  1. Am so excited for you. I hope the injectibles are your magic and you get a BFP!!!

  2. Nity

    I hear you on the running loss. That’s why I was trying to run daily. The less “making up” I’d have to do.

    Glad to hear Q-s insurance covers meds. That’s awesome. Hopefully new fs has the right plan of attack.

    Hope you have a great visit with your friend!!!

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