Still a negative

Got the bloodwork to confirm it. So it’s time to stop the progesterone, wait for the inevitable and then get back on the ttc train. The woman from the clinic who rang to give me my results was very nice- she asked if I wanted to come back next month, and when I said I might as well jump right back in, she said that was the sort of attitude they liked to hear.

If the test was entirely negative, I think that means that the egg was never fertilized, because if it was fertilized but didn’t implant you would still get a weak positive and then have the numbers fall. Am I right about this? So that’s ok- lots of ‘normal’ people don’t have sperm and egg meet either.

I’m pretty gutted, but I’ll muddle through. Time to think of reasons why a May baby would trump an April one. Hopefully being an injectible chick is just what I need.

THANK YOU for your support. It meant so much to have those comments and know that others were shaking their fists at the world with me.



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3 responses to “Still a negative

  1. C G

    Sorry once again. I hope you get AF soon and start your next cycle soon. A big HUG.

  2. I’m sorry this cycle resulted in a BFN for you. 😦 I’m glad that you are moving on and will be trying next cycle though – hopefully injectables will do the trick for you!
    And thanks for your good advice on my blog as well! 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry my dear. I don’t know your answer to the negative test question. I’ve been wondering why no sperm has met a egg on my journey so far…

    Reasons to have a May baby – you’re not pregnant in the summer, and you’re small enough to wear your winter coat in the winter, it’s near Mother’s Day, it’s great to be off on maternity leave in the summer (baby in diapers, don’t have to deal with winter clothes), the baby should be big enough by the winter to not get so bundled… is this helping?

    Giving you lots and lots of HUGS!!!

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