I am an IDIOT

It was a BFN of course.

Despite the light headedness, the pasty/metallic taste in my mouth, the nausea, etc.

Clearly my body tried really hard to make me feel pregnant since it could tell how badly I wanted to BE pregnant.

Stupid body.

And I know that this was technically our first cycle where we actually had a chance, and that not everything was perfect (late ovulation, thin uterine lining), but I was so sure yesterday I was pregnant. I’ll get over it. I’ll move on to the next cycle (and- gulp- injectibles), but right now I need to wallow. And possibly drink a lot (although it’s only 6.45am…)

Off to the clinic to get the official word. Damn this sucks.



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6 responses to “I am an IDIOT

  1. Oh Turia — I’m so so sorry. Wallow away!! I think it’s good to grieve for a period of time, then turn to the next cycle. It’s healthy. Sending you lots and lots of ***HUGS***

  2. C G

    Im so sorry that it didn’t work out this time. I hope the next injectible one is lucky for the both of us.

  3. So sorry hun. I will keep my fingers crossed that the injectibles are you magic potion.

  4. You’re not an idiot for hoping. *hug*

    I’m so sorry.

    Thinking of you.

  5. Mel

    Turia, I am so sorry. I hate the shoes you are in, I have been there far too many times.
    Enjoy a stiff drink and a great cry and I know you’ll be back at hoping again very soon. 😉

  6. RM

    Oh sh*t girl! I am so so sorry. Go get very drunk (it usually makes me feel a bit better)!

    Thinking of you… big hug.

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