6dpo + IUI

I’m getting the hang of this waiting thing. I do have a new book (Possession by A.S Byatt, which is very interesting but also very dense so I really have to pay attention when I read) and I’m trying to edit my book (except this week I think it sucks, so summoning the strength to work on it is deeply painful), so I’m killing the time. I HATE not being allowed to run- I feel super edgy- like I’m a thread, winding tighter and tighter and waiting to snap- and all the walks I’m taking just aren’t cutting it.

I can’t say I feel anything, except cramps when I first put in the progesterone. (And, as an aside, can I just say that the clinic seriously underspoke (if that’s even a word- if not, it should be) when they told me to ‘wear pantyliners as the paraffin coating will leak once it melts’.  Um, yes, it does leak, if by leak you mean create a steady gush of liquid that causes me to rush off to the bathroom thinking I’m incontinent every morning and evening. I’ve had to arrange the panty liners in various ways to try and absorb it all. I really should just break down and buy light pads, as these liners are utterly inadequate to the task, but then what would I do with them? I can’t see how they’re remotely practical in real life.)

Q. clearly is not subject to the same dull grinding fascination with the possible process of growth in my uterus that I am. I try really hard to only bring it up with him once a day. Last night, while out for a walk through the nicest part of the city, we had this conversation.

Me: So I’m trying to decide if we should test before the blood draw or not.

Q.: But won’t the progesterone give you a false positive?

Me: No, I’d get a false positive if I had to take the HCG shot, but I didn’t. The progesterone is just helping to sustain any pregnancy. It’s artificially raising my temperature, so we couldn’t assume I was pregnant from my chart.

Q.: Oh. Well can we test now?

Me: No. It’s too early. (Long statement about how hpts work and how seductive they are)

Q.: Ok. Well we should wait for the blood draw then, to know for sure.

Me: But we could test a couple of days before the blood draw. A test might work then.

Q.: But it could be wrong. So if we wait, we’ll know for sure. The doctor’s test will be more accurate, won’t it?

I had to admit that it would.

And off he went. I would like to write that his step was jaunty and he was whistling with his hands in his pockets, but that wouldn’t be true. It felt like it though- the subject (for him) was so clearly closed. He probably won’t even think about it again until next Wednesday.

Oh for that peace of mind.



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7 responses to “6dpo + IUI

  1. Mel

    Yea, men just don’t get it. I had to test in secret a few cycles, because it was driving me crazy to wait for the blood test and Husband didn’t get it.
    The progesterone suppositories are indeed gross! They feel like a huge gush of something for sure. I have misidentified them with pee and bleeding several times. Even to this day.
    Ugh. Hate them, hate them, hate them.

  2. Grr. That drives me crazy. I can completely sympathize… every day I was wondering… well… hmmm… Grr. Hope the next couple days FLY by for you.
    Big HUG

  3. Men! I swear, I have explained all the ins and outs and quirky hour by hour details of what we are dealing with here a thousand times and he still asks silly questions every single month! I’m thinking of you. I know the wait is the hardest part.

  4. C G

    Men react differently to this situation. I always test a few days before without telling my husband. I hope the week flies fast for us.

  5. RM

    My K doesn’t feel any anticipation either. It makes me crazy! He has to be reminded every day when I’ll be able to test, but then forgets again, because his mind has drifted to something else.

    It makes me mad, but what I really am is jealous! Can you imagine being so laid back about ttc that you forgot to pee on a stick?! It would be wonderful to be so blissfully ignorant!

  6. Hi – thanks for the comment on my blog today. I haven’t tried the book you recommended, but I have heard of it, and I’ll take a look. Thanks!

    My totally unsolicited assvice about the peestick? Skip it, if you can. They’re evil. Really utterly evil.

    But if you can’t skip it, I like CG’s advice. Test without him, and if it’s positive you can always claim the progesterone made you do it. 🙂

    Fingers crossed!


  7. Thanks for the comment.

    My DH M, will not allow me to test prior to the 14 days, all b/c that’s what the doctor ordered. When I test before the 14 days it’s usually a secret and hit my sticks well.

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