Just got a phone call from my fs. Based on today’s bloods now she’s not sure whether it was my true surge or not. So she wants me back in at the clinic tomorrow for more bloods and an ultrasound. If I’ve ovulated, great. If not they’ll give me a trigger shot…but then they’re going to want to do another IUI on Saturday. I have no idea who is meant to pay for that- I’m going to be right pissed if they say it’s our responsibility, seeing as we have to trust them to get it right.

Plus I was just going through our drug claims and realized that our insurance says it covers drugs dispensed by a licensed pharmacy. I’ve been picking up my drugs from the clinic just to save time. So if they won’t accept those receipts this cycle suddenly got $300 more expensive.

I’m really frustrated right now. Trying to think calming thoughts. Please please let me ovulate by tomorrow.



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4 responses to “Frustrated!

  1. Sending positive (ovulatory) vibes your way. One way or another, you’ll catch that egg!

  2. RM

    Oh sh*t! Well it is their fault, so it seems to me that they should be responsible for the costs of the second one. It is strange that they didn’t just give you the u/s before they did the iui, don’t you think? That’s what they did when I got mine- maybe you could ask why they didn’t?

    I am so sorry this is so frustrating! But the bright side is, it looks like you might get two injections after all!? Good luck tomorrow.

  3. Alexandra

    Hi. I posted on justamereivf’s blog and saw your comment below mine. I don’t know if you saw my comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m a mom-after-infertility who did a lot of work to figure out how to get my thyroid problem treated effectively while I was doing IVF. The punchline, basically, is that it turned out I needed to up my Synthroid dosage while taking stims — I can explain why and how I did this if you’d be interested.

    Good luck with your cycle. It sounds like you are on top of this stuff, so I’m sorry if this is “assvice,” but the medical field has also only recently figured out that hypothyroid women who are pregnant also often need to increase their dosages — and early. A lot of this information is in the links in the comment I left on Justamere, and as I say you probably already know it, but if you want more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  4. Turia

    Hi Alexandra,

    We must have been posting our comments at the same time! You gave some excellent advice. I have an endocrinologist, and my fs is very aware that we need to keep my thyroid under control. I hadn’t heard before that drugs like Clomid could stress the thyroid- good to know. Thanks!

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