And so, we wait…

Well, I’m back and (possibly) impregnated. Or, about to be so (possibly), as I haven’t actually ovulated yet, but will do so sometime this evening or overnight.

It was a relatively simple procedure- no more uncomfortable than a pap test, although my cervix was really sensitive (the nurse said it was because I’m so close to ovulation). One “gorgeous” follicle on the ultrasound sitting at 20. Lots of great cervical mucous. A sperm sample from Q. that got him approving comments from every person who handled it (he’s gone off to work looking ridiculously smug).

The only downside is that my uterine lining is still thin- measuring 5. But I’ve got progesterone suppositories to start from tomorrow evening, so hopefully that will help balance things out.

We decided against the second IUI. My fs openly said it would be to try and catch the egg in the twelve good hours after ovulation, so I didn’t think it was worth the money- I could ovulate at 3pm today and then it’d be all over by the time I went to the clinic tomorrow. We’ll try on our own tomorrow, just to be on the safe side, but having enough swimmers kicking around really isn’t going to be the problem.

I have to go back on the 30th for a blood test- is that what they call a beta? Q. asked this morning whether we should go and buy pregnancy tests ourselves. I said we’re going to try and resist the temptation. I’ve never ovulated on my own before (or not since I was 16) so I have no idea how long my luteal phase is. No point in getting excited if af isn’t late.

I’ve been banned from running. I’ve been told to avoid stress and to sit around and think happy thoughts.

The bad news we got was that if this doesn’t take we’ll have to change doctors as our fs is moving into a pure research position in August. The clinic is great, and I’m sure the other doctors will be marvellous too, but she’s just been so fantastic I’m a little wary of anyone new. What I like best about her is she isn’t aggressive in her treatment plan- I want someone with a similar mindset to take over my file- I don’t want a cowboy if we’re doing injectibles!

So, a tww. It’s taken a year, but I’m glad to be here.


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