Stop the presses!

Got a phonecall from my fs’ office. She looked at my bloodwork, and has decided that tomorrow is the day for the IUI! (I guess she saw an estrogen surge?)

I am torn between being excited and being nervous. We will definitely do one IUI. Still up in the air about the second (I appreciate the feedback about other clinics feeling that there’s not a substantial improvement in the statistics with two IUIs).

I can’t believe I’m really about to ovulate!



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2 responses to “Stop the presses!

  1. RM

    Yay!!! I am SO excited for you! Good luck tomorrow with the lab, and then the iui. It was definitely easier than I thought it would be.

    And then your first 2ww!? Well, you really haven’t experienced anything more relaxing (hee hee). But its all worth it!!

  2. Mel

    Wonderful news!!! I am so happy to read this. =)
    Go with your gut on that second IUI… I skipped mine all together last cycle because it just didn’t feel right and look what happened to me.

    I have you on my heart today and hoping that this is IT for you!!

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