Still growing!

My fs was still excited today. The follicle is at 17. She’s starting to discuss dates for IUIs- probably Friday and Saturday. She wants to see me every day now.

Q. thinks we should do two IUIs. I think we should do one and then try on our own. I know my fs insists that there is nothing wrong with my egg quality, but I will be ovulating after day 30 and I keep reading online that late ovulation can affect the quality of your endometrium and your body’s receptiveness to the egg. So I’m really hesitant to spend the money on two IUIs. If it’s not going to work, I’d rather save for next cycle. Of course, if I knew it would work, I’d be happy to front up the cash.

I really need a crystal ball.



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3 responses to “Still growing!

  1. C G

    Even I read on the net that the lining needs to be between 8mm to 13mm, 10mm being optimal for implantation. Mine was 12.4mm yesterday and I will be ovulating today so I feel I will be right on the border. Do you know what your lining value is?

  2. C G

    Oh I forgot to mention YAY for the growing follicle.

  3. RM

    Yay! You’re so close now!! Do you know how much the iui will cost? I was pleasantly surprised that it cost us about $300 (and that includes the sperm wash). Guess I thought it would be more?

    I was reading another blog today and thought of you. She said she got preg this time with a ‘long slow stim’. Is that what you’re doing? If so, maybe she could offer some advice? (This of course is my own assvice)… 🙂

    Good luck with all of this decision making! Thinking of you…

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