A new cycle!

Huzzah, AF has arrived. I have to admit I never thought I’d be excited to write those words, seeing as AF usually meant debilitating menstrual cramps for two or three days. But that was before we started ttc. And this is my new normal.

I only stopped taking the progesterone on the weekend, so this is a very quick response- when I took it in January it took a week for AF to arrive (although I only took the progesterone for a week then, and this time it was for ten days, so perhaps that explains things).

It’s too early to tell, but right now this AF seems to be resembling the one from January: light flow, no cramps or general emotional distress, no sense of bloating. If this continues I’m going to be even more ticked off at all the time I wasted on bcps as I was usually miserable (to the point that I used to skip periods for three or four months at a time).

About the only unusual side effect is I’ve developed a cold, but somehow I don’t think that’s related. It is a bit weird to be stuffed up as I’ve been in great health ever since I started taking the prenatal vitamins.

So tomorrow or Friday I’ll go in to the clinic and see what my fs thinks. I am hoping for one of two things: either she will agree to test my TSH there to see if it has settled again, or she will be willing to let me have the Clomid (if I swear up and down that I won’t get pregnant) to at least see if the dosage is right and if I will respond to it. And if she says no to Clomid, I will wait for my appointment with the endocrinologist on July 7th and continue to fill my life with all things that are not baby. We’ve got a lot going on at the moment. We’re house hunting, and Q. and I are both working on books. So I don’t have a lot of time to sit around and feel sorry for myself.

Just as well really.


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