On performing a blimp impression

I am really having some trouble with this whole metformin thing this weekend. It seems no matter what I eat, when I eat, or what I eat in combination, I’m left feeling incredibly, impossibly bloated and uncomfortable. Admittedly I don’t have a lot of experience in this, but I think I’m so bloated I look pregnant. So perhaps that’s my body’s attempt at humour- to remind me of what I’m trying to get myself to look like!

I’ve had other days that haven’t been great, but this has been the first solid stretch where I’ve been seriously uncomfortable (to the point of it being painful) for more than the aftermath of one meal. I also think the bloating is getting progressively worse. A couple of weeks ago I would have several days where I didn’t notice any difference being on the met, and now it seems I’m uncomfortable more often than not after eating.

All advice appreciated. I should perhaps point out that I eat almost no refined sugar or processed food, eat loads of fibre (I have resorted to prunes as snacks this weekend in an attempt to kick start things…that has been spectacularly unsuccessful) and get my fruit and veggies each day. So this isn’t a case of eat grease/fries, feel sick. If I could find something to blame I wouldn’t be griping as much!

I know folks on metformin usually find they have the opposite problem, but if anyone out there has survival tips, I’d really appreciate them.

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